Tail of the dragon, US-129

This must-experience motorcycle destination is just a 20 minute ride from our location in Robbinsville.  What better way to experience the infamous 318 curves in 11 miles than with the relentless torque and smooth acceleration of one of our electric motorcycles? Glide through the curves like a magic carpet, then crank up the adrenaline by switching to sport mode to experience the blood-rushing thrill of instant, relentless electric torque out of every corner. 

Charge the bike at the Tail of the Dragon store, and go across the street to grab a bite to eat.

Featured: 2018 Energica SS9 "franken-bike"


Ride the mile-high Cherohala Skyway that connects Robbinsville NC to Tellico Plains TN. This is definitely one of the most scenic drives in Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. The countless mountain views from this 42-mile winding National Scenic Byway show little evidence of civilization. Stop at many overlooks, hike and picnic. It's located near Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, Lake Santeetlah, and Fontana Lake.

It's a favorite for motorcycle enthusiasts with its many twists and turns. Take your time and stop along the way to enjoy. Don't forget to gear up! Temperatures can drop as much as 20 degrees during the first 11 miles of your drive, starting on the North Carolina side, since the Skyway climbs from 2,660 ft. elevation to 5,390 ft! The Skyway follows NC Highway 143 (easier to find on maps) and TN 165 to Tellico Plains, TN.

Featured(L to R): 2022 Zero SR/S, 2022 Zero SR/S, Janus Halcyon 250

Moonshiner 28

This famous route extends all the way from Deals Gap at The Dragon to Walhalla, South Carolina.  Aside from its smooth pavement and technical turns that are a blast to ride, this route has a multitude of must-see scenic stops along the way.  Be sure to check out the historic Fontana Dam, or pit stop at Bridal Veil falls for a photo.

Refer to the Plugshare app for charging locations along this route. Click here for Google Play Store link, and here for Apple App Store link to download Plugshare.

Featured(L to R): 2022 Zero SR/S, Janus Halcyon 250

Scenic smoky mountain loop

This 7 hour scenic loop takes you through The Dragon, Foothills Parkway, over the mountain to Cherokee, then up to elevations over 6,000ft as you eclipse the highest point on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Then, you'll take some lesser known backroads to Franklin, and make your way through the Nantahala National Forest on Wayah Road back to Robbinsville. This route is nearly a full day of non-stop scenery.

Foothills Parkway

Beginning just three miles from the north end of the Dragon, the Foothills Parkway's combination of escalating straights with an abundance of scenic overlooks, sky bridges with panoramic views, and sweeping curves makes for a magnificent ride from the Dragon to Pigeon Forge.

For a longer ride, continue on the Parkway across route 321 to Pigeon Forge and head south over the mountain on route 441, or take a shorter loop back to Deals Gap via Little River Gorge Rd and Happy Valley Rd. This is one of our personal favorite loops to ride.

Refer to the Plugshare app or conuslt us for charging locations along this route.

Featured: 2021 Energica Eva Ribelle

Blue Ridge Parkway

Take a relaxing cruise through the expansive mountain ranges of North Carolina while slicing through the crisp mountain air. Hear the water falling off the rocks, the animal hooves on the pavement, the river flowing, and the trees rustling in the breeze as you glide over the hills on the smoothest machine around. 

Take a section of the Parkway as part of a loop, or ride it start to finish from Cherokee, NC to Rockfish Gap, VA.

Featured: 2021 Energica Eva Ribelle at the BRP's highest point near Canton, NC.

Parson Branch Road

Parson Branch Road follows a route that Smoky Mountain people traveled for 180 years, running through an area of the former community called Chestnut Flats.  It's open seasonally and offers a scenic one-way gravel trail that travels south from Cade's Cove and connects to the Dragon.

This is the perfect way to experience the versatility of our Zero DSR/X. It easily chews through the bumps of this rough historic road, glides through the water crossings, and then gives you thrilling power to kick things up a notch when you hit the smooth asphalt of the Dragon.